• Gregg Brown, QMHS

    Psychiatric Case Manager


Professional History

After working in customer service for much of his young adulthood, Gregg really felt like he wasn’t making a difference. He left a management position with Dick’s Sporting Goods to work in a group home for kids recently released from incarceration. Through his years there, he became an Independent Living Coordinator assisting teenagers (14-18 years old) in learning social skills and independent living tasks they would need to know for their future. He taught skills including the following: cooking, doing laundry, changing a tire, filling out job applications, completing FASFA paperwork for college, and all things in between to help guide them to being able to complete their own daily needs. That position led to him finding employment in the school settings as a behavioral specialist for three years before accepting his current position at PsyCare as a psychiatric case manager. Gregg started working for PsyCare in March of 2020. Gregg is a School and Family Services worker in the East Palestine School District. He has been working with children to learn and develop social and emotional learning skills for ten years this coming January.

Professional Objectives

Gregg does great work assisting clients in learning anger management techniques while building self-esteem and preparing them for the challenges daily life can bring. He stated, “It’s always good to be prepared with a handful of calming techniques when introduced to a new environment we may have never experienced before!” He says, “I LOVE what I do! I love being in the school system and being a case manager assisting kiddos every day. There is nothing more rewarding than watching our clients take the tools we’ve taught them and use them successfully in everyday life.”

Fun Facts

Gregg played baseball for 27 years of his life and coached high school baseball for eight years: “I was a MUCH better coach than a player!” He stated he is a “happily married father to three amazing boys, and I feel blessed everyday knowing I’m the lucky one they call ‘Dad’.” His favorite mental health quote is: “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” He followed this with “the quote is always credited to Albert Einstein, but they’ve found it is misattributed to him and the author is unknown.”