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Jennifer Lamanna, Ph.D.


Liberty Clinic




2012    Virginia Commonwealth University:  Doctor of Philosophy – Counseling Psychology

2007    Western Kentucky University: Master of Arts – Clinical Psychology

2005    Kent State University: Bachelor of Arts – Psychology

Professional History

Jennifer Lamanna, Ph.D., has been a licensed psychologist since 2013. She specializes in Health Psychology, which focuses on the assessment and treatment of psychological and behavioral factors as they relate to illness, health, and medical care. Dr. Lamanna completed advanced training in Health Psychology through a Fellowship in Pediatric Psychology (Akron Children’s Hospital) and a Psychology Pre-doctoral Internship (Eastern Virginia Medical School). She has experience in working with adult and pediatric patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic medical issues.


1)      Treatment of adults and children with acute and chronic medical issues. Interventions may help to promote:

–         Coping with chronic illness

–         Adjustment to disability

–         Adherence to medical treatment

–         Behavioral intervention to facilitate management of chronic medical conditions

–         Improving healthy lifestyle behaviors for weight management

–         Behavioral treatment for insomnia

2)      Treatment of anxiety disorders using evidence-based, behavioral interventions.

Professional Objectives

I strive to work with patients to meet their individual goals, improve quality of life, and promote overall wellness. I use measurable outcomes to assess progress in therapy, and also provide patients with concrete skills that they can practice to help them meet their treatment goals. In my work with medical patients, I look closely at how psychological factors – such as thoughts, emotions and daily patterns – affect health functioning. I then work with patients to develop skills to address these factors.

Theoretical Orientation

My theoretical orientation is Cognitive-Behavioral. I use interventions that are evidence-based, meaning that research has shown that they are effective for treating psychological concerns. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as related treatments such as Motivational Interviewing (for health behavior change), Problem-Solving Therapy (for addressing daily stressors), and Exposure Therapy (for anxiety disorders).

Certificates/Special Training

Health Psychology

Professional Affiliations/Memberships

Ohio Psychological Association


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