PsyCare Spotlight: Kendra Beach, M.S., LPCC-S, NCC

PsyCare Spotlight: Kendra Beach, M.S., LPCC-S, NCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Supervisor

Cortland PsyCare


Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, ages 18 and older.


Tell us about your PsyCare journey.

I started with PsyCare, Inc. 20 years ago (2002) working as a Behavior Technician at Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital in Warren, Ohio.  In this role, I worked one-on-one with patients’ post-stroke, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury.

I began my Master’s Degree internship in 2005 at HRH in the Chronic Pain Department working with BWC (Workers’ Compensation) clients and vocational clients. I assisted with adjustment counseling, relaxation training, biofeedback, and case management. I completed my internship in the Psychology Department at HRH providing group relaxation, social adjustment group counseling, and adjustment counseling to patients with acute medical conditions.

In 2006, I was hired by PsyCare, Inc. as a Licensed Professional Counselor and completed my license requirements at the Cortland Clinic. In 2010 I claimed the National Certified Counselor designation. I obtained a supervisor designation in 2012 to provide clinical supervision to PsyCare counselors working towards their clinical license.  I am currently completing my final year for a doctorate in psychology(PsyD).  My doctoral project is on COVID-19 and mental health. In October 2022, I will be the Clinic Director of Cortland PsyCare, Inc.


Which populations do you serve?

Adults 18 years old+



Women’s issues

Pain management

Issues of later life

Anger management

Adjustment disorders

Rehabilitation counseling

Workers’ compensation (BWC)

Depression and mood disorders

Stress management (including relaxation training)

Anxiety disorders (including obsessive-compulsive)

Supervision to counselors seeking licensure/work supervision

Relationship issues (including marriage/divorce/family concerns)


Do you oversee any programs at PsyCare?

Chair for CE/Clinical Committee (committee member starting in 01/2022 took over as chair 05/2022)

Provide clinical feedback on subjects, Bring clinical issues to Clinical Exec., Review clinical audits/UR summaries, Coordinator for Continuing Education, CE Broker primary contact, ACEP Program Administrator

Managed Care Organizations Specialist (01/2022)

Program development with CEO, Program development staff training, maintaining contracts/compliance with MCO’s, OPTUM Value Based Program team member, Ohio Children’s Alliance Behavioral Health Committee monthly attendee, Attend Clinical Executive, Management, and Clinic Directors meetings


What do you enjoy about your job at PsyCare?

I love this career because it is continual learning.  Everyday I learn new things about my clients, learn new and different insights into human behavior, and most importantly help clients learn more about themselves leading to new ways to cope.  Every client is an individual and learning about their uniqueness is key to developing personal techniques for them.

Click here to learn more about Kendra, and here for more information on how to contact the Cortland PsyCare clinic for mental health services.

Thank you Kendra for your hard work and years of dedication to your clients and PsyCare. We appreciate you!