PsyCare Psychologist Completes Licensure Process!

Congratulations to PsyCare clinician Jennifer Kos, PsyD, LPCC!

Jennifer recently received her Clinical Psychologist License by the State of Ohio after completing all requirements and passing the state licensure exam!

She’s been working as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) for several years in Pennsylvania, and as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in Ohio at PsyCare since January 2017.

Jennifer says, “I am thrilled and thankful to be able to complete a life long learning and career goal. This process has taught me, most of all, to never give up on the highest vision we have of ourselves. I look forward to continuing to serve my patients and our community.”

Some notes on Dr. Kos:

  • PsyD in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University in 2016
  • Completed post-doctoral residency at PsyCare in 2017
  • Research and clinical concentration on PTSD and trauma focused treatment, including interventions in the specialty areas of EMDR and Energy Psychology


Dr. Kos is a psychologist at our Howland Clinic. 🙂