Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a number of Frequently Asked Questions and answers for new and existing patients.

You may also find more patient information on our Patient Info and Patient Forms pages.

Will PsyCare accept my insurance?

PsyCare, and many individual PsyCare clinicians, are accepted on almost all insurance panels, as well as Medicaid, Bureau of Workers Compensation, and Medicare. Please call PsyCare at 1-800-242-4604 to identify the clinicians on your plan best able to assist you.

How much will the services I need cost?

PsyCare’s contract with your insurance company will determine your out-of-pocket costs. These costs will be influenced by your co-pay, your insurance plan’s “allowable charge,” and your remaining deductible. PsyCare will assist you to identify these costs.

How long will it take to get an appointment?

In an emergency situation, when you or a loved one may be experiencing severe psychotic symptoms or be considering suicide or exhibiting barely controlled hostility towards another person, it may be necessary to go directly to the Emergency Room of a nearby hospital with a psychiatric unit.

If immediate hospitalization may not be necessary, and preventive safeguards are in place, call 1-800-242-4604 to speak to the PsyCare Help Hotline representative, who will connect you to the nearest PsyCare office for assistance during normal office hours. If your call is received after the offices are closed, the representative will discuss options.

PsyCare will make all efforts to schedule an appointment within 24 hours in an emergency situation when hospitalization is not required, or within three days in urgent but not emergency situations. This may require assignment for the initial session with a clinician not covered by your insurance.

In non-urgent situations, PsyCare will strive to schedule you or your loved one for an initial appointment within one week with a clinician accepting your insurance. If you wish to schedule with a particular clinician, the appointment will be made for the next available opening convenient for you.

Our friendly PsyCare receptionists will do their best to assist you to receive needed assistance in the timeliest manner possible.

Can I choose my therapist?

In most cases, you may select the therapist you wish to see, though this choice may depend upon your insurance plan as well as the therapist’s availability. Also, some therapists may restrict their practice to certain issues, or may not be accepting new clients at the time of your call. The PsyCare receptionists will be happy to recommend other therapists, if necessary.

Do I have to take medication?

The use of an appropriate medication is often an important aspect of treatment. Research studies show that the combination of medication and counseling achieves the best results for many patients. PsyCare is very proud of our medical staff and our ability to integrate medication management with counseling or psychotherapy. However, not all patients want or can significantly benefit from the use of psychotropic medication, and only rarely would it be required (e.g., if court-ordered in unusual circumstances). You will have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and risks of medication with your therapist and medical staff.

What should I do if a family member is experiencing a psychiatric emergency?

If you or a loved one is experiencing severe psychotic symptoms, or significant suicidal or homicidal thoughts and impulses, it may be necessary to seek hospitalization. In a psychiatric crisis, when the well-being and safety of the individual or others is at risk, it may be necessary to request the assistance of law enforcement officers, especially if the individual in crisis resists voluntary admission to the hospital. Local hospital emergency room staffs are well-trained to make determinations regarding admission and to help stabilize the patient.

Usually, discharge planning by the hospital will involve outpatient care, and PsyCare would be able to assist in this important phase of recovery.