School and Family Solutions (SFS)

The School and Family Solutions Program places a PCM worker and a counselor in the school district to assist with needs throughout the school day.  These professionals assist and treat children with difficult emotional disorders and/or developmental disabilities and their families by providing mental health care within the school, home and community. This program is designed to work in collaboration with teachers, administrators, and guidance/school counselors to create a supportive environment for both school staff and students.  During the pandemic, we have added telehealth services to help students, parents, and teachers adapt to remote and hybrid learning situations.  Our services are flexible and designed to meet the needs of each student.

Services offered in the school and home: 

  • Assess the child’s needs in school/home. 
  • Provide diagnoses and mental health counseling 
  • Support families with advocacy in schools. 
  • Assist and develop modification plans for teachers and parents.   
  • Link families with community resources. 
  • Educate children on ways to develop skills to handle their emotions. 
  • Monitor child’s progress through measurable treatment plan goals.

We currently provide the School and Family Solutions Program in the following schools or districts: 

  • Beaver Local Schools
  • Campbell City Schools
  • East Liverpool City Schools
  • East Palestine City Schools
  • Jefferson K-8 (Warren City School District)
  • Salem City Schools
  • Struthers City Schools
  • Willard K-8 (Warren City School District)

School and Family Solutions (PCM) Workers

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