Patient Satisfaction

Mental Healthcare America (MHCA) is a nationally recognized service organization that compared 181 PsyCare customer satisfaction surveys to their national database of 12,979 surveys.

Of the PsyCare sample, 97% would recommend PsyCare to others. PsyCare was rated higher than the MHCA National Database averages across all 32 survey dimensions. These ratings reflect PsyCare’s commitment to the highest level of care, delivered in a sensitive and considerate manner.

Specific dimensions for which PsyCare was rated excellent at a higher rate than national averages were:

Personal Therapy

  • Opportunity to participate in decisions about your treatment.
  • Extent to which your individual needs were addressed.
  • Organization of weekday program schedule.
  • Organization of weekend/holiday program schedule.
  • Appropriate therapies and interventions offered.
  • Ability of services to meet your needs.
  • Availability of staff to talk with you.
  • Ease of completing paperwork.
  • Ability to reach desired department or person by phone.
  • Hours appointments are available.
  • Length of time between making the appointment and seeing the psychiatrist.
  • Length of time between making the appointment and seeing the therapist/counselor.
  • Arrangements for you to pay bill without unnecessary hardship.

Physical Environment

  • Convenience of location of facility.
  • Signs and directions to treatment areas.
  • Time spent in waiting area for your scheduled appointment.
  • Safety of the environment.
  • Comfortable feeling.
  • Noise level.
  • Attractiveness of the facility.
  • Cleanliness of the facility.

Client/Staff Interaction

  • Helpfulness of staff.
  • Courtesy shown to you by staff.
  • Concern of staff.
  • Attention to privacy.
  • Degree of confidentiality.
  • Professionalism of staff.

Overall, Outcome and Reputation

  • Evaluate the quality of service you received.
  • Treatment helped deal with the problem/complaint.
  • Willingness to return for treatment.
  • Reputation of our organization in the community.
  • Overall quality of care and services.