Integrative Family and Systems Treatment (IFAST)

Integrative Family and Systems Treatment (IFAST) is designed for complicated cases and difficult issues such as: delinquency, school failure or refusal, anger management, Children’s Services involvement, self-injurious behavior, autism, Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED), major mental illness, mood disorders, acting out, oppositional behavior, and ADHD.

IFAST can help with reintegration issues such as return from foster care or residential treatment release from JJC, and active children services cases. It is an intensive home and community- based service. We see clients and families an average of three hours per week for about six months. The goal is to help develop natural supports for the family that will be there after completion of the program.

In initial controlled studies IFAST is shown to be equal in effectiveness to Multi Systemic Therapy (MST). IFAST is an evidenced supported treatment modality developed with input from Ohio Department of Mental Health.

We offer comprehensive assessment, family and individual and family counseling in-home and in the community, as well psychiatric case management services (PCM). You will get a mental health provider who is well-trained in strategic family therapy. We also provide targeted and intensive case management to help with family stability and accessing community resources and direct support at school, Children’s Services, and court meetings.

IFAST is all about identifying behavior patterns in families and helping them develop strategies and family skills to change these patterns and problem behaviors. We treat the entire family, not just the child. Each case is assessed for level of treatment required, and all cases are tracked with measurable outcomes. IFAST can work with other agencies and providers. We will develop a specific and individualized plan for your family. All involved parties are updated weekly on progress and case status.

To make a referral please contact the Struthers PsyCare location at 330-318-3078 or email


  • Andrea Boyle, B.A., QMHS
  • Krista Clingerman, M.A., QMHS
  • Kate Linger, M.S., LPC
  • Ashley Zuschlag, M.S., QMHS