Patient Info

We recognize that individuals seeking assistance have many options and are often attempting to find the best provider at a time of heightened stress. We ask that prospective clients carefully review the information contained on this website so that you can confidently make the best choice for you or your family.

Patient Info

Please read the patient information below regarding PsyCare staff, scheduling, services, insurance, and more.

You may also find more patient information in our FAQs or Patient Forms pages.

PsyCare Staff

  • PsyCare’s extensive clinical staff permits the best match of client with treatment provider. Our staff includes clinicians trained and experienced with most modalities, theoretical orientations, treatments utilized, and populations served.
  • PsyCare is very proud of our friendly and caring administrative and support staff, from front office receptionists to our back office billing staff. Our receptionists are trained to assist callers seeking assistance to identify the clinician best suited to help with the problems identified and matching the client’s insurance plan.


  • Timely scheduling is an important goal at PsyCare. Persons seeking help may be experiencing severe distress or a family may be in crisis. Call PsyCare, and our skilled receptionists will direct your call to an available clinician for immediate attention.
  • We can help make an initial recommendation regarding emergency care, if necessary. For urgent issues not requiring hospitalization, PsyCare will strive to schedule an initial appointment with a highly qualified clinician within three days.
  • Your time is valuable too. At PsyCare, we strive to minimize waiting room time. We will not end a session prematurely and rush merely to keep to a schedule, but PsyCare clinicians understand that delays are to be avoided whenever possible.
  • When significant problems develop after the office is closed, clients are able to contact the PsyCare on-call clinician. We use the services of Help Hotline, whose staff ensure that the client is called as soon as possible.
  • There is a PsyCare office convenient to you. Refer to Locations.
  • You may schedule by going directly to our Contact Us page.


  • Individual counseling, marital and family therapy, and psychiatric treatment are the primary services provided to address presenting problems. See Services.
  • Well-being is achieved by attention to physical health issues as well as psychological factors. PsyCare actively promotes integrated treatment and coordination of care to promote best possible outcomes. Refer to Health Psychology.
  • PsyCare prides itself on providing personalized care by competent and compassionate clinicians, based upon careful assessment of the client’s symptoms, complaints, and psychosocial history. Opinions are openly shared and discussed and an individualized treatment plan developed. We believe it is a privilege to serve each and every client, and work hard to earn the trust placed in us.
  • Treatment services are strictly confidential. PsyCare aggressively adheres to HIPAA requirements. We respect your privacy.


  • PsyCare has clinicians represented on most insurance panels, BWC, Medicare and Medicaid. Refer to Most Insurances Accepted.


  • Our commitment to high standards of care and organizational practices is reflected by our voluntary submission to regular intensive reviews of our policies and procedures by The Joint Commission, a nationally recognized accrediting organization. PsyCare has been accredited since 1985.
  • PsyCare has been accredited as a provider of Continuing Education workshops since 1985, helping to ensure that clinical staff are well trained and have opportunities to continue developing clinical skills and knowledge.

Patient Satisfaction

  • PsyCare enjoys very high levels of patient satisfaction as determined by a nationally recognized external rating company, Mental Healthcare America. On all 32 rating measures, PsyCare achieved a percentage of “excellent” rating above the national average. Refer to Patient Satisfaction.

If There’s A Problem

  • Due to the nature of our services, it is inevitable that occasional disagreements may develop and some clients may experience dissatisfaction. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence. When such an incident does occur, PsyCare will take all reasonable efforts to address and resolve the problem.
  • We have a formal grievance procedure, and we are members of the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating. We promise you that you will always be treated respectfully and your concerns taken seriously. If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it and make amends.