‘PsyCare Cares’ at 2019 Relay For Life!

PsyCare’s 10th year of involvement in Relay For Life was a success!
PsyCare’s team “PsyCare Cares” won the award for the Best Educational Message ~ a true honor!
We had a lot of great support this year. All of this positive energy focused on a common goal made the event such a success. 
Thank you to everyone who walked or worked in the tent. We raised about $1,300.00 in the tent (which was very good considering the weather and the limited hours we were able to remain), bringing us to a total of a little over $3,000.00 for the year so far!
We can accept donations up until the end of July to count for this year’s total. So if you would like to donate to Relay For Life – you still can! 
Please get your donations to a PsyCare clinic near you by the end of July and just make checks out to American Cancer Society.
Thank you!