PsyCare Spotlight: Shannon Kanapesky

Shannon Kanapesky
Office Manager, Struthers Office

How did you get your start with PsyCare?

I’ve been with PsyCare now for 7 years. I officially started in June of 2013. Our clinic was brand new at the time and not quite open to the public. My job title has always been Office Manager, but I started off wearing many hats and to this day I still wear a lot of them. I very much think of my office as my second home and am often affectionately referred to as the Office Mom. 

Tell us about the challenge of working from home.

A sudden, massive shift to remote work was certainly an eye-opener. Communication is probably one of the biggest challenges for me. The human interactions I took for granted, passing someone in the hall, morning chats, being able to just walk down to another office to get a signature or questions answered has now turned into Zoom meetings, and many many more emails. You don’t realize how efficient those interactions can be until you’re trying to manage it all remotely. 

How has life changed for you (personally and/or professionally) since the Covid-19 threat?

My life has absolutely changed. I am so much more aware of things. Aware of my surroundings, aware of everything in my fridge and cupboards so I can shop appropriately and not for just things that I want; aware of how precious every little thing is to me that wasn’t necessarily on the high priority list before. I appreciate my comfy pajamas, my new garden, watching my pets interact with each other. These things have always been important to some degree, but I notice myself paying way more attention and enjoying it more. We get caught up in the whirlwind of life in general and I know that prior to this pandemic I have missed out on some simple moments in time. I am for sure much more aware now.

What message or suggestion do you want to give people during this stressful time?

The message I would like to share is something that I have also learned. I have a new found appreciation for quiet moments. I sometimes just leave my cell phone and sit out in my back yard. Communication is absolutely vital; however, I also believe that listening to birds and feeling the spring breeze is also vital. Take some time for you, to just be in the moment. Listen to things other than the news, or the radio, or your cell phone. Just listen to the earth and all that she has to offer.   

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