PsyCare Spotlight: Emilee Gano

Emilee Gano
Medical Assistant/Receptionist. Liberty Clinic

How did you get your start with PsyCare?

I started at Psycare 2 years ago this July! A friend of mine actually worked at the Liberty Clinic, arranged an interview for me, and I was hired!

Tell us about the challenge of working from home.

Working at home is kind of challenging during this time due to distractions and other things going on at home. My mom was off of work for a month and my sister is home from school as well, so it can be difficult to find a quiet place to work with them both home. I told my co-workers at the office that I would play “musical workstation” a lot and move around the house. My mom has gone back to work and my sister enjoys staying at my grandparents, so now I’m alone most of the day when I’m working at home. I’ve learned to adjust pretty easily for the most part.

How has life changed for you (personally and/or professionally) since the Covid-19 threat?

Life has changed for me I think because I can’t go out and do most of the things I would normally do. I’ve definitely learned to appreciate what I have and make the best of the situation. I’ve spent a lot of time with my boyfriend, his family, and my dog — and have spent more time with my family and friends as well. 

What message or suggestion do you want to give people during this stressful time?

Keep your head up! Find things you like to do that can keep you busy in between working, if you are working. Also, if you’re feeling down or anxious, always remember that there are plenty of mental health agencies, including PsyCare, that are available to you. I know that having a therapist during this time has helped me tremendously. Don’t ever be afraid to seek out help! 

Click here to contact the Liberty Clinic for mental health services.