PsyCare Staff COVID-19 Vaccination Day

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, the PsyCare Staff were offered the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. There was an overwhelming response and 71 employees received their first COVID-19 Pfizer vaccination shot. The second Pfizer shot will be administered to these employees in about three weeks.

The Trumbull County Health Department provided the shot clinic, held on location at the PsyCare Liberty Clinic. Two Trumbull  County nurses provided the shots in a very efficient and effective manner, completing all 71 vaccinations within one hour.

A number of PsyCare staff offered their assistance to help with coordinating the event and procedures, and the process went very smoothly. Employees are extremely happy and very grateful to PsyCare for providing this opportunity for them.

PsyCare applied for the vaccination clinic as soon as we were notified of this availability for healthcare workers through the Trumbull County Mental Health Board.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the Trumbull County agencies that made this possible.

Thank you from PsyCare!