Persistent Emotional Pain

Transient emotional distress is a normal life event, and individuals often develop good coping skills and personal strength when learning to cope with life stressors.

However, significant life stressors often lead to persistent emotional distress, which is experienced as pain and suffering, and can become overwhelming. The emotional pain can be due to prolonged anxiety, depression, guilt, anger and rage, loneliness and/or fear.

The impact of persistent emotional pain is felt not only by the individual, but by loved ones as well.

Individualized treatment is available

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and treatment must be individualized. PsyCare bases treatment for persistent emotional pain on a careful and thorough evaluation, leading to an individualized Treatment Plan, developed with each client’s participation and approval.

Counseling with a caring professional therapist can go a long way to reduce the distress and make problems more manageable. Medication management can also be an important component of effective treatment.

Call PsyCare

If you’re experiencing Persistent Emotional Pain, or have concerns about a family member, please call PsyCare at 800-242-4604. There is help available for whatever you’re facing.